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Research Publication Trend on Knowledge Management Studies in Malaysia


CAIT International Webinar Series 2022

CAIT International Webinar Series 2022

CAIT Industry Experts Talk 2022

Nurturing a Thesis to Extract High Quality Journals

Security Analysis using Process Mining

AUDIT ICT - Kenapa ia amat diperlukan sekarang?

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Design Science as a Framework for Research in Computing

Maturity and Readiness for Digital Forensic Investigation in Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Work Life Balance as a Postgraduate Student

SA Lab Menjuarai : Perkongsian di sebalik rahsia Podac 2019 & Chipta 2020

Pemodelan Data Bisnes : 5 Aturan Mudah

Identifying & Presenting Research Gaps in Artificial Intelligence Research

Introduction to Security Issues in Deep Learning and Its Application

Industrial Talk on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. My Journey from Malaysia to Finland

Tips on Viva and GOT

How to Publish in High Impact Journals?

Internet of Things as a Service for the Community

Webinar Projek Tahun Akhir Ke Jurnal dan Tutorial Grammarly

Webinar e-IPR

Road Map to Research World (series 3) - How to Write an Impact Research Paper?

Road Map to Research World (series 2) - How to Prepare a Research Proposal?

Applying Sumitomo Foundation Grant : Tips & Trick
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Road Map to Research World (series 1) - How to start the Research?

How to Write Systematic Literature Review Journal Paper?

Sharing Session with CAITs Alumni - Challenges in Postgraduate Study : Dos & Don’ts