Center for Cyber Security About

UKM have been conducting research in the field of Computer Security since 2000 at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology and also at the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. Computer and network security issues has also gained the attention of the Center for Information Technology, UKM with the establishment of UKMCert.

Efforts to foster cooperation between UKM and Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) has started since 2010. In 2013, an agreement was signed between UKM and CSM to implement cyber security training program in UKM. As a result of the agreement, Master of Cyber Security and Cyber Security Professional Certification programs were conducted. So far a total of 10 courses in Cyber Security have been offered every year and over 70 students attend Master of Cyber Security program. In addition, FTSM also build research collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and SIRIM Malaysia in line with the motto UKM as the Guardian of the Nation.

Previously cyber security training program in FTSM was conducted through Cyber Security Unit, which consists of a Head of Unit and a managing officer. While research and consultancy in the field of cyber security were conducted in the research laboratories at the Center of Artificial Intelligence Technology (CAIT) and the Center for Software Technology and Management (SOFTAM), FTSM.

To further strengthen the research, teaching and services in the field of cyber security in UKM, Cyber Security Center was established after the proposal was agreed unanimously in the Senate meeting dated 25 January 2017. A research laboratory from CAIT i.e. Machine Vision Lab and  two research laboratories from SOFTAM i.e Cybersecurity and Software Verification Lab and Network Technology Lab have been moved into the new center. Meanwhile, two new laboratories were set up i.e. Cyber Intelligence Lab and Digital Forensic Lab in order to fulfill the country's needs.


Efforts for cooperation between UKM and Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) started


Agreement signed between UKM and Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM)


Establishment of Cyber Security Center