shahrul azman mohd noah, MSc, PhD (Sheffield)


Knowledge Technology Research Group

Centre for Artificial Intelligent Technology (CAIT)

Faculty of Information Science & Technology

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia




Tel.: +60389216343; Fax.:+60389256732

research interest

semantic technology, information retrieval, ontology, applied natural language processing, databases


Prof. Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah received the BSc with honors in Mathematics from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1992, MSc and PhD degrees in Information Studies from the University of Sheffield, UK, in 1994 and 1998, respectively. His research interests include information retrieval and ontology with special emphasis on semantic searching and recommender systems. He has published more than 150 research articles in these areas. Prof. Shahrul Azman was elected as a research fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA for its Fall 2007 Program on Mathematics of Knowledge and Search Engines.

He also serves as technical expert assessor for various research grants such as the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) IGS, MSC Multimedia Super Corridor R&D (MGS) and MOSTI Technofund grant schemes. Prof. Shahrul Azman is currently a member of the Persatuan Capaian Maklumat dan Pengurusan Pengetahuan (PECAMP), International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) and IEEE Computer Science Society associations.