School of Computer Science


School of Computer Science offers a number of academic programmes, which aim to produce knowledgeable and skillful graduates who are able to flourish software industry of the country. The school also strives to generate various professions such as software engineers, software architects and applications engineers, among others. The diversity reflects different aspects of software life cycle. As professional programmers are highly needed in many institutions, the offered programmes are intended to produce professional programmers who are competent at formulating best solutions for any given problems. The programmes focus on software application and tools.


Head of School

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salwani Abdullah
+6 03 - 8921 6183

Head of Programmes

Computer Science Programme
Dr. Mohd Rosmadi Mokhtar
+6 03 - 8921 6180
Information System Programme
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozilawati Razali
+6 03 - 8921 6181
Artificial Intelligence Programme
Dr. Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri
+6 03 - 8921 6185

List of Lecturers



Associate Professor


IT Instructor

Senior Lecturer

Support Staff

Marlina Md Noh
+6 03 - 8921 6183
Faridah Hussin
Admin Assistant
+6 03 - 8921 6815
Mohd. Zaiful Anwar Mohd. Zain
Office Assistant
+6 03 - 8921 6815

More Informations

Fax : +6 03 - 8921 6184