Master of Data Science

McKinsey Global Institute in 2013 has predicted United State of America alone will face shortage of skilled Data Scientist around 90 000 to 140 000, and 1.5 million of System Analysis and Manager which have expertise to processes and analyzing Big Data in 2018.

Malaysia will also encounter shortfall of expertise in Data Analysis and Data Scientist. Therefore Malaysian government has done big step to counter this issue through its agencies such as JPA, MARA and Ministry of Education. Lot of incentives has been introduced to produce high quality data scientist.

UKM’s Data Science program will be a part of our government inspiration to develop New Economy Model to achieve high-income country as main priority.

High Demand in Data Scientist

IT EMC’s transformation research shows 88% of Malaysian businesses are confident that Big Data will be determinant factor for successful of Malaysian industries. Demand in Data Science program is high in industries and government sector. Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek (Minister in Ministry of Multimedia and Communication) said by 2020, 10 000 proffesional data scientists are needed to develop multi systems in Malaysia.

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