Undergraduate Programmes For International Students

The undergraduate programmes offered by this faculty are focusing on producing graduates that are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in developing and pioneering the software industry. The faculty intends to produce various professions such as software engineers, software architects and application engineers. This profession diversity converges to various aspects in the software life cycle. Professional programmers are highly demanded in various institutions. This programme offers to provide professional programmers who are capable of designing application in giving the best solution for problems. This programme emphasis to the usage of application software and software tools.


Accreditation Certificate
1 Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours view
2 Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours view
3 Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours (Multimedia System Development) view
4 Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours (Information System Development) view

Programme Structure

The faculty follows the semester system. Each semester consists of 14 weeks of lectures, tutorials, laboratory works, etc., 1 week of mid-semester break, and 3 weeks for the final examination.

The minimum period for studying is 8 semesters, while the maximum period allowed is depending on the existing regulation, which is up to 12 semesters. By following the semester system, students are required to complete the total of 121 credit hours (units) for obtaining the degree within the duration allowed by the university.

The list of courses and their level of credit hours offered are shown in the Faculty of Information Science and Technology Undergraduate Prospectus. The course content of the programme consists of IT related courses and non-technical courses related to management and ethical issues. For adequate exposure to the professional IT practice, the students are obliged to undergo an Industrial Training module.

Mode of Study

The programme are conducted on a full-time basis with a duration of 3.5 years or 8 semesters (fourteen (14) weeks per semester including one (1) seven-week inter-session semesters).

Distribution of Credit Hour

University Courses 21 Units
Faculty Courses 33 Units
Programme Courses 40 Units
Programme Elective Courses 21 Units
Faculty Elective Courses 7 Units
Total 121 Units

Internship (TM309C)

It covers on theoritical and practical of self management, assignment, communication, presentation and report writing styles. For the internship, students will under go 20 weeks of industrial training whether in the government or corporate sectors. Student's performance will be monitored by faculty supervisor and company supervisor.

Degree to be Awarded

A student who has successfully completed all the courses in the programme and obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 2.00 and with the recommendation of Senate of the University will be awarded with a bachelor degree.

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Dr. Lailatul Qadri Zakaria
Programme Coordinator (International Programme)
Tel : +6 03 - 8921 6719
e-Mail : lailatul.qadri@ukm.edu.my

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More Informations

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