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Industry Talk - Art Direction : Creating the World of Need For Speed
26 Nov 2015

I’m Alitt (Abdul Khaliq) and I’m an Art Director at EA Ghost (Gothenburg, Sweden) Been around the games industry since 2006, and looking forward to many more awesome years to come.

Dived head first into the realms of game art as a Vehicle Artist in Codemasters (GRiD / Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising / DiRT 2) Then took a spin to new challenges in Environment and Level Art when I joined Ubisoft in 2009 (Assassins Creed Franchise / Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands)

Now I’m with Electronic Arts, responsible for the Art Direction of Need For Speed. Defining the visual direction across different art departments, and also key stakeholder in the Distributed Development model of our content production (Need For Speed)

On my free time, I use all my mental and physical abilities to transform myself into an effective couch potato and laze around watching movies/documentaries/music videos for inspirations, or read a thin book without judging it’s covers… or play games (without finding cheat codes) and not finish them. Also spend hours getting lost in the realm of ArtStation, Kotaku, random hilarious fail videos and the likes.

Probably the best topic I can talk about would be ‘Art Direction : Creating the World of Need For Speed’

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Time : 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Venue : Dewan Multimedia, Block G
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