Student & Alumni Affairs

Hal Ehwal Pelajar & Alumni (HEPA)

Guardian of the Nation and Inspiring Futures Nurturing Possibilities are those two sacred slogan that bring clear messages to all Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) staffs, students and the Alumni. It is the University's mission and vision to create a knowledge-based communities, knowledge dissemination and the developmental of the campus life environment. UKM has shown its excellence and high achievers performance level and is well known locally and internationally. To materialize this, a portfolio of Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Students and Alumni Affairs for UKM known as HEPA (the Malay acronym for Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni) has established a post of Head of Students and Alumni Affairs (HESA) (the Malay acronym for Hal Ehwal Siswa dan Alumni) in July 2015 at the faculty level. This post has been established to support the role and tasks for HEPA Students and Alumni at the University level as well as to support the management at the faculty.

Students' Welfare and Alumni Affairs are the main concern of HESA management unit. Furthermore, HESA does cater for managing, monitoring and executing every students activities and curricular, both at the undergraduates and postgraduates levels, and to strive and pull the momentum to strengthen the Alumni role, networks, and partnerships. It is with great hope and efforts that HESA will be a center for tracking and gather all the faculty alumni members for the sake of the partnership, engagements, networks, sharing knowledge and experiences in order to produce for the betterment for our students, thus to create synergy and talent development with the support from our Alumni as well as to nurture the potentials and dynamic careers for our students in the near future.