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The course trains students to conduct a project individually. Through this project, students are able to integrate knowledge and skills acquired during the study for solving a specific problem. This course requires students to prepare project documentation such as proposal/project plan, requirements specification, design specification and test specification. Based on the documents, students need to develop a computing product by using the appropriate methods, techniques and tools within a stipulated time frame. The students later have to present the documents and product as project deliverables to the designated stakeholders. The deliverables shall demonstrate sufficient level of complexity with respect to the chosen computing field.


Through the project, students aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To integrate existing and new knowledge related to computing fields.
  • To develop a computing product based on the proposed methods and techniques.
  • To present the developed computing product verbally and in writing.
  • To produce a computing product that possesses entrepreneurial values.
  • To practise responsible, ethical and professional attitudes.